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Welcome to the top-notch candle makers! In the heart of Adelaide, South Australia, Paradise Scent is sourced and made.

Attention and focus are the main mantras in making these candles; together with natural soy wax and scented fragrances, we produce environmentally and health-friendly candles that beat market prices. Our materials are carefully chosen to make quality candles at a budget-friendly price. We also decided to site all production in Australia to add to the community’s development.

We offer bulk buy candles for all occasions and custom-made ones for special events. Whether you are a candle selling shop or want the perfect gifts for a loved one, we have got you covered- right from design selection to delivery. Every process has been made clear and smooth to attain the best results within a given favorable period.  We know how much cost means to our customers, which is why we, as a cottage business, cut costs while maintaining a high-quality product.

Experience unforgettable memories with various custom soy candles, produced from all that we stand for as Paradise Scent, your premier handmade candle makers in Australia!


  • We pack products delicately to prevent damage during shipping, but there is a rare possibility of damage.

  • Any external damage noticed upon delivery should be noted on the carrier’s consignment docket.

  • All articles, including original wrapping and packaging, must be made available for verification in the event of broken or damaged products.

  • Kindly contact us for the consignment notice the courier will require.