Lavender Reed Diffuser 200ml

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Consciously or in the subconscious, the smell of your home can alter your feeling or mood by just being inhaled. Invest in your favourite fragrances that envelop your space with sweet scents!

These exquisite reed diffusers are an excellent alternative for freshening the air of your home, compared to other fresheners. Our high-quality diffusers can refresh your space immediately with minimal effort from you. With no batteries, flames, or plugs required, all you need to do is to put them in the corner of your home and revel in the beautiful aromas they release.

They are a safe and easy choice as they do not require internal heat to disperse fragrance. You can adjust the degree of scents being released by adding or removing reeds from the aroma bottle. Ideal for use in homes and in rooms, it is discreet and effective in refreshing the air in your space.

  • Suitable for Domestic Use and Around Pets and Children as They Naturally Disperse Fragrance into The Surroundings
  • Quality Reeds with Premium Reed Diffuser Oils
  • Long-Lasting Effect • Infused with The Best of Fragrance Oils
  • Safe to Use and Non-toxic