1 Million Type | 6oz-8oz Soy Tin Candle | Wooden Wick


Masculine, spiced, dark and delicious, our 1 Million Type fragrance is irresistible and similar to the perfume of the same name. 


Made from purely natural products for your good health and comfort, these are a great gift idea for your loved ones, giving them something to look forward to after a particularly draining day!


Our seamless tins are 100% reusable around your home or garden just wash them out with boiling water when your candle has melted to the bottom.

1 Million Type | 6oz-8oz Soy Tin Candle | Wooden Wick

    • Top Notes: Mandarin, peppermint

    • Middle Notes: Rose, Cinnamon

    • Base Notes: Amber, Leather