Our Story

Paradise Scent, Natural Soy Candles Sourced and Made Locally in Adelaide, South Australia.

Passion comes from challenging ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and create with what we have at hand. Paradise Scent, all-natural soy candles in Australia is a product of the desire in creating something that will make people feel good.

It all started like every urge - an idea. Paradise Scent’s founder was looking for something to do as a business and a friend recommended candle making. Putting attention and focus on candle making, Attention and focus became a passion, and thus, Paradise Scent was created. Natural Soy wax candles are environmentally sustainable and burn slower than paraffin, thus, economic as well.

Our vision is to offer all-natural, sustainable, and quality products at a price point that will not damage the budget. We also aim on keeping all materials locally sourced so we can also help our community here in Australia. Aside from our flagship collection, we also offer all types of candles for all occasions, customizable candles, and bulk orders.

Our all products are given attention as these are hand-poured in small batches. You are guaranteed the quality without the high price tag compared to other candle-makers. As a cottage business, we aim at craftsmanship whilst keeping costs lower.

Check out our product page for your options. Contact Us for bulk orders, you have endless choices for a custom-made candle for any occasion.

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